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Advanced labs (F-Praktikum)

We always welcome students to do their advanced training in our group. Please contact Markus Müller with your interests and desired training period. Alternatively, feel free to approach the PhD students or postdocs in the Carell group directly.

Enzyme und Kofaktoren – (SS)

Video Lecture: Coenzymes and Biosyntheses (T1OK-M)

A total of 21 chapters on "the chemistry behind the biochemistry" with a focus on the participating coenzymes.

Enzyme und Kofaktoren 1

Enzyme und Kofaktoren 2

Vorlesung Coenzyme

Zusatzskript Pyrimidine

Zusatzskript Methylierungen

Chemical Biology – Basics of Cloning, Genomics and Proteomics – (WS17/18)

Sample Questions (2020)

Introduction (16. Oct)

Amplification of Nucleic Acids (23. Oct)

Molecular Cloning (06. Nov)

Protein purification (13. Nov)

Applications in Chemical Biology (20. Nov)

Nucleic Acids Analysis (27. Nov/04. Dec)

Analysis of the Epigenome (11. Dec)

Proteomics (18. Dec)

Gene Synthesis (08. Jan)

Protein Interactions (15. Jan)

Bioconjugations (22. Jan)

Analytical Mass Spectrometry (29. Jan)

Fun Stuff

Oscillating chemical reactions are fascinating! Watch a prime example, the Briggs-Rauscher reaction, also known as iodine clock.

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