CARELL GROUP Translational Research – EpiCure

Fighting leukaemia with less side-effects

EpiCure, a yet to be founded company born from basic research in our group, is dedicated to revolutionizing cancer therapy, with epigenetic treatment options.

Our lead structure, Carbacitabin, represents a significant advancement in leukemia treatment, with innovative molecular design and international patents backing its potential. Developed to address the limitations of traditional hypomethylating agents (HMAs), Carbacitabin enhances stability, reduces toxicity, and retains efficacy, thanks to its carbocyclic version of Decitabine, an HMA that is already in clinical use.

Preclinical studies demonstrate impressive efficacy with minimal off-target effects, allowing for higher dosages and broadening therapeutic possibilities. Additionally, the unique structure enables a resistance-breaking effect against mutations commonly associated with leukemia, such as BCL-2, IDH-1/2, and FLT-3, offering hope even for multidrug-resistant leukemic patients. The primary benefit of Carbacitabin therefore lies in significantly improving therapy outcomes for leukemia patients, especially high-risk AML and MDS cases, while simultaneously reducing financial burdens on patients and healthcare providers.

But the possibilities in cancer treatment go even further. The potential of Carbacitabin extends beyond leukemia, showing promise in other cancer types. From a mechanistic point of view, glioblastomas are a suitable target and, due to its increased stability, solid tumors can potentially also be treated with Carbacitabin. Ongoing research aims to expand its application spectrum through derivative exploration.

At EpiCure, we are committed to broadening Carbacitabin's applications and actively exploring additional nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Our mission is clear: to deliver highly effective cancer treatments with minimal side effects, particularly for leukemia patients. Join us as we pave the way for a new era in cancer therapy, setting higher standards and offering hope to patients worldwide.

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